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Callum Walker CEO @ Creating Wisdom


I've always been a bit of a computer geek so I thought "why don't i help those who aren't, get started Online & share the wisdom I've acquired over time. i'd like to claim that i'm full of this but i'm still learning and I aim to work with my clients throughout each project to ensure the finished article is as they desire.








The times may have changed, but my love for creativity and problem-solving hasn't so i can accommodate for your needs, online & beyond. I've invested my time into education, technological advancement & digital marketing to help businesses of all scales to not only survive but thrive in the online world. 


I've been in many different fields of work but my passion lies in learning something new on a day to day basis in the stratosphere of the World Wide Web where i have over a decade of knowledge & experience in the evolution. I have started a Web Design Company & Marketing Phenomena, where i plan to deliver the highest quality service i can for a respectable & fair price, giving you the very best of what can be offered.


Please do get in touch for further information, so I can provide you with a personal experience.

My Mission statement is simple:


 To help clients find a successful future.


Get in touch so I can help you kick start your Marketing & branding Phenomena today.

(+44) 07867 575 185

Lilly Cottage, Reen, Perranporth, Cornwall, United Kingdom, TR6 0AL

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