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"Teams make dreams, let's work together"

Get Noticed On Google!

With over 85% of the Market share, google is the online Marvel for any business wanting to boost their Community & Customers online.


I can offer you professional SEO services that help any type of website increase  organic search results.


It's important that you are noticed so following the latest algorithm from Google is vital for those web surfers, your next customers to find you. When it comes to highly competitive keyword search I can ensure you are fulfilling your potential.

Only people who are looking for your service will see your business, so i can cut out the time wasters & show them your relevant up to date content.

You do what you do best & I will manage your customer Acquisition.



With many years of experience & dedication I have trailed the internet finding the best methods to improve SEO's for all types of Business.


You would have to work hours on end to figure out the best ways to market online and time is a valuable thing.


I can do it in a fraction of the time and cost, which means you can focus on your customers & what you can provide, leaving me to be your background business booster!


I've had companies in the same field of work approach Creating Wisdom, asking me to do SEO enhancement for their customers but I like to be authentic with my work & reputable for the time and effort it takes, ensuring you get the very best SEO service that can be offered, direct from Creating Wisdom.

Creating Wisdom



The times may have changed, but my love for creativity and problem-solving hasn't so i can accommodate for your needs, online & beyond. I've invested my time into education, technological advancement & digital marketing to help businesses of all scales to not only survive but thrive in the online world & beyond. 


I've been in many different fields of work but my passion lies in learning something new on a day to day basis in the stratosphere of the World Wide Web where i have over a decade of knowledge & experience in the evolution. I have started a Web Design Company & Marketing Phenomena, where i plan to deliver the highest quality service i can for a respectable & fair price, giving you the very best of what can be offered.


Please do get in touch for further information, so I can provide you with a personal & professional experience.

My Mission statement is simple:


 To help clients find a successful future.


Get in touch so I can help you kick start your Marketing & branding Phenomena today.

Callum Walker @ Creating Wisdom



I've always been a bit of a computer geek so I thought "why don't i help those who aren't, get started Online & share the wisdom I've acquired over time. i'd like to claim that i'm full of this but i'm still learning and I aim to work with my clients throughout each project to ensure the finished article is as they desire.

Name, Title

Complete Web Design

Landing Pages, Full website Design & the option to add features such as E-Commerce & much more.

Why choose Creating Wisdom for Your Web Design?


Spread the word, your business is ready to take off but word of mouth is not enough... This is the perfect way to build your online presence. Get noticed & have anything from a landing page, through to a fully functioning & maintained Website, with the option for ongoing improvements & support... 

Most of today's web searching comes from mobile devices, in fact it's approximately 60%. We will automatically Optimise your website for mobile devices so you can get the most of your new website. 

Digital Marketing

Help to build your online presence with Promotions, Advertisement Analytics, & Search Engine Optimisation

Why choose Creating Wisdom for Digital Marketing?


I will help you become noticed in the online world with consideration to your budget & Unique Enterprise. I know the right places to promote your website & if its complicated then i'll find a way to make it happen, the challenge is exciting so hand it over!


Of course its Personal, so I'll work with you to help you achieve your goals...

Business Branding

Brand your Enterprise whether your a A Sole Trader, A Business, Social Influencer, Gamer or a Charity.

Why Choose Creating Wisdom for Business Branding?


Boost your Brand identity whether your Enterprise needs reinvigorating or your just taking off.


I can design your company Logo, supply high quality business cards, Flyers & run Promotions to help you with a market strategy, worldwide & locally ensuring you stand out from your competitors. 

Branding is important for any Project and with My design & identity Analysis  techniques I can help you thrive in your current markets climate...

The Full Package

Take the multiple Package Deal & you WILL sky rocket your Enterprise with Creating Wisdom.

Why Choose the Full Package by Creating Wisdom?


Going for the Multiple package improves your presence locally, nationwide or even worldwide! Nothing happens over night but this is the best Package to boost your Business or Enterprise over time.

i have developed & integrated my own in house Marketing strategies such as keyword research  & competitor analysis that many larger firms would outsource to other countries. This would lack a personal interest, there would be communication barriers & more costly. Creating wisdom allows you to work directly with us, ensuring your getting the most for your valued investment.

We're a phone call or email away so it really is unique, convenient & Personal.


Your Marketing, increased sales & a larger customer Audience is all achievable when you choose The Full Package...

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