What does a business need to start a website in 2020?

1. Domain Name - Your going to need something that suits your business, if you haven't established your business name yet then I’d suggest you look at this in depth with your branding expert for something to blow away the competition in 2020 and beyond. Go for something unique, that is enticing to your clientele.

You'll also need to think about your business location... is this local or is this for the global market? For example - It makes sense to go with .co.uk if your in the United Kingdom and offer local food services. However if you run a worldwide delivery service of clothing then .com is going to be more beneficial to your business.

Checking what will suit your business in advance is a great idea because it may shake up your plans to keep a consistent brand name across your marketing platforms if you don’t get the correct domain name. This is especially important for newly started businesses.

2. Website Hosting – Its ok having a website created but to make it visible and accessible on the worldwide web to your potential or existing customers it will require publishing with a website host. Creating Wisdom takes care of this for you, saving you the worry of getting up and running at the right price. We have the technology and services to ensure your information is getting stored securely and safely on the best online servers.

3. Website building software – There are various methods in which you can have your website designed and we have selected this through experience to ensure you are getting the best design software and support. Creating Wisdom is connected with Wix and other leading design sites and we believe these are the most user friendly and responsive website design softwares on offer today. With additional background software and other applications like Adobe Dreamweaver CC we offer excellence in web design & publication.

4. Website Template Designs –

Quite simply a website design can be built from scratch but when there are proven templates out their showing potential prototypes of your website. Don't waste too much time when templates are published by millions of online experts and there is a titanic selection, so why wouldn’t you investigate these?

Trust in a web design agency that provides flair and initiative to provide you a template that suits your current market climate in 2020.

5. A website requires a professional Logo – When it comes down to it the importance lies in working with the correct team of experts to design and publish your logo. In 2020 logo designs are still evolving and to ensure your getting the correct design for your business, work with someone who takes precision and care. Software giants such as Adobe offer a more in depth and up to date solution to creative logo designs ensuring you will stand out from your competitors.

Creating Wisdom expanded its software and use Adobe for their professional logo designs, ensuring our clients have the freshest new Logos.

6. Websites require high quality images – When your website has optimised images that stand out, your potential customers and existing will know that they are dealing with the creme de la crème! It's simple, high quality images helps to sell your products/services so the better the quality, the higher percentage of your website visitors will convert.

7. Websites require high quality writing – It's not ok copying and pasting as the algorithms on the internet are vast, complex and extremely intelligent meaning new content is vital for a great start in your online venture. Having an accomplished writer that can ensure what you have published live will mean your content is captivating, relevant and understandable. You can pay specialists to take this role on but this can be extremely expensive. At Creating Wisdom we have achieved & dedicated time to ensure the correct education and qualifications are present in our team. We publish content of high quality without additional costing. However we say this with confidence rather than ignorance to the professionals who specialise in this field.

8. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO as it's known… ITS SO IMPORTANT! To appear in search engines like google you must have the correct audience in mind and the correct wording to appear on the first pages of. You will require an agency with experience in 2020 as the market is becoming extremely competitive.

If used correctly SEO can be an investment, with no expenditure BUT can generate high returns. It really helps lead generation and if you use the correct marketing strategies then it becomes a part of a large cycle of productivity, ensuring you get noticed. Social media, branding and all the focal strategies applied to your business will be helped with the correct SEO attention. Creating Wisdom aims to publish more content on SEO to help your business achieve its goals.

9. Website Analytics – How do you keep track of your new website? You may kick start your online venture with fantastic results but this isn’t how it works unfortunately… it’s a marathon not a sprint and normally a back to front marathon where you start slowly jogging and end up sprinting. To progress and obtain success you must look to build your website and investigate what works and what doesn’t.

There are many analytics tools available and they can help you to find the success you desire. It doesn’t seem like an important part of a website but it really is! It helps you to engage with your customers and visitors better and this is vital. It will take time to figure out what needs improving and what needs removing or adjusting. So in 2020 make a promise to yourself, to find a company that tracks your new website. A company that cares about improving your website today, tomorrow and for as long as you trust in them. Creating Wisdom can be that promise as we analyse statistics frequently and work with our clients to improve their businesses success.

10. Ongoing support with your website – It would be like having a vehicle with no one to MOT it, like buying a phone without such thing as a charger. You need your website recharged and serviced regularly to help progress and achieve your goals. To have a successful website that will continue to thrive there needs to be continuous attention to detail and care taken in developing updated content.

It’s a good time to point out that Creating Wisdom can really help you to develop a website that will launch in style but what we celebrate is supporting our clients for the duration. We have now launched a new service that promises support 24/7. When you request a change or an update Creating Wisdom will invest time, adding valuable content to your business website. Find more details by contacting us, to make 2020 the year you made a positive change.

If you have any queries or wish to speak with Creating Wisdom then please get in touch. We would love to hear your point of view, your criticisms if necessary and of course any compliments are welcome.

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